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Established 11/11/11

Back in 2011, we found an old factory under a cluster of freeway overpasses on the edge of Deep Ellum. We transformed it into the first craft brewery to open in Dallas for over two decades. Named after our notorious neighborhood, we set out with just one goal - to make damn good beer. Since then, we've become as well known for innovative brewing and exceptional quality as we have for our disdain for the status quo.

two people enjoying a beer
filling up beer in a glass
Words that say love runs deep

Cheers to the individual

We celebrate personality and individuality. Like many of the pioneering businesses in our community, we never blend in - at the bar or on the shelf. Our fierce individuality sets us apart. Our beer brings people together.

Deep Ellum was the first craft brewery to open in Dallas in over two decades. We get our name from our neighborhood - Deep Ellum is the neighborhood that refuses to die. It can’t be ignored, and that’s why it continues to inspires our beer, brand, and culture.

The neighborhood that refuses to die. There’s a history here, that’s why we make beer here.