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The neighborhood that refuses to die.

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It can’t be ignored, and that’s why it continues to inspires our beer, brand, and culture.

Love Runs Deep

One of Dallas’ most historically and culturally significant neighborhoods, Deep Ellum was established in 1873 as a commercial and manufacturing district for black and European immigrants. However its main claim to fame didn’t begin until the 1920s when several early jazz and blues musicians would come through, settle in, and perform at local venues. Unfortunately, the popularity of automobiles, highway construction and suburuban sprawl shuttered many of the original Deep Ellum businesses leaving Deep Ellum quiet and empty.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the area would once again grow into a late-night hot spot for live music, visual art, counter-culture and more. This time a very different genre of bands such as Nirvana, Old 97s, Toadies would pass through local venues on their way to international success. Deep Ellum’s new flame continued well through 90s, but began to fade in the early 2000s once again. Once again, local venues and busineses began to shutter one by one and many began to speculate that this was the end.

Words that say love runs deep

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Our Home

By 2011, the neighborhood still hadn’t started to recover, but its spirit was very much still in the air. That’s when we started thinking about where to set up shop and Deep Ellum was the first and only place that came to mind. The neighborhood and its history already embodies everything that DEBC stands for — It’s big, bold, and it doesn’t hold back. It’s not afraid to be itself. Deep Ellum celebrates personality and individuality, has the support of a community and a culture. Deep Ellum can’t be ignored, and that’s why it continues to inspires our beer, culture, brand, and community.