We’re excited to announce our brand roster and production calendar for 2021! It’s an exciting year that includes a few additions, substitutions, retirements, and upgrades to our annual line-up, as well as the introduction of new seasonals.

Our most exciting announcement and one that a lot of our fans have been asking about is an expanded line of Blind Lemon flavors! Starting in early 2021, we’re adding Blind Lime, Blind Peach, and Blind Berry to the family and they will only be available as part of a 12-can variety pack.

Cadillac Bandito is all dressed up to defend his title as the ultimate champ of craft cervezas in Texas! Get ready for some serious action as we witness his trademark smashing sweetness rounded out with salty punch-kicks, and a finishing bodyslam of tartness.

We have more surprises that we’re planning throughout the year that we aren’t quite ready to announce yet. Make sure to sign up for our monthly Brew Buzz newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest DEBC news and releases. See you in 2021!