We’re excited to announce our production schedule for 2019, which includes a few different additions and upgrades to our annual line-up. You all can’t seem to get enough of Dallas Blonde, so we’re ramping up our 12-pack distribution (with a slight redesign) and introducing 24-packs later in the year. You will also want to be on the lookout for “Tall Girls,” our Dallas Blonde in 19.2 oz. cans! She’ll be paired with Neato Bandito, or “Bandito Grande” in 19.2 oz. as well.

IPA Variety Pack and Deep Summer may or may not happen this year, but we’re leaving them on the schedule for now. Deep Summer will also return as a 6-pack to help out with the pool-side festivities. Finally, many of you have been looking forward to the turn of Numb Comfort, our barrel-aged American barleywine-style ale. This is your year.

As always, this schedule is a plan and it may change without notice. Beers may be added and removed, but we’ll do our best to stick to it.